Fall 2012

The following is a list of responses by Peace’s Security Officers during the Fall of 2012:


Location Nature of incident
Palo Alto Avenue in response to a break-in, the owner’s personal property was recovered by Peace Security Officer
Palermo Street Security Officer responded to calll that contents of mail box was being taken – chased and recovered the mail
Gas station at 188th Street & Hillside Avenue during the recent fuel crisis, the SO used the patrol car to stop other vehicles that were trying to cut the line to obtain gas
Dunton Street & Keno Avenue Security Officer responded to a resident concerning drinking and loitering and dispersed the group
Sutro Street & Epsom Course Security Officer observed a fire in the lot and called Fire Department and waited for their response
Santiago Street & Salerno Street Security Officer responded to two vehicular accidents, called 911 and waited for NYPD response
Pompeii Road Security Officer responded to owner’s complaint of broken garage door lock as part of possible larceny attempt
McLaughlin Avenue Security Officer responded to resident’s call concerning theft of outdoor statuary
McLaughlin Avenue & Marengo Street Security Officer observed a large pothole & called 311 to notify the city and obtained a complaint number
Pinto Avenue Security Officer responded to residence concerning theft of its vehicle; searched the area to make sure everything was secure as to the residence