Did you know our Holliswood neighborhood is divided into two District Schools: District 26 and District 29?  Your address determines which district covers your residence.  To complicate matters in some cases, your neighbor across the street may be in the other school district.

This is especially true if you live on one of the border streets. These are Soho Drive, Santiago Street, Nero Avenue, Palermo Street, or Keno Avenue.  If you live on one of these streets, you can learn which school children should go to by calling 311 and giving them your address.  As a general rule, if you live north of Nero Avenue or Keno Avenue and west of Marengo Street, you are in District 26.  If you have any further questions, a call to 311 should give you the answer.

Map1You may obtain information of your zoned schools by clicking on the following NYC Department of Education website under School Search.