By way of historical setting, at one time there was a predecessor organization to the current Holliswood Civic Association. It was known as the Hollis Civic Association. It dates back to the early 1950’s, and its boundaries extended to Jamaica Avenue to include the Hollis Gardens section between Hillside and Jamaica Avenues. It was then succeeded by an organization called the Holliswood/Hollis Civic Association.

In 1973, the current Holliswood Civic Association was organized with boundaries that run on the east and west between Francis Lewis Boulevard (with a slight extension on Epsom Course) and 188th Street and on the north and south between Grand Central Parkway and Hillside Avenue.

Some civic organizations that operate on a larger geographical point of reference like a county or borough basis have a mission that seeks to promote honest and moral government, encourage the efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and to seek and support any reform which may be necessary to achieve these objectives as well as disseminating any facts that they bear on these goals.

Civic organizations that are more neighborhood-oriented have goals and purposes like those of our own Civic Association. Some of these are reflected in the Constitution of the Holliswood Civic Association as ” to maintain and promote the civic, educational and security interests of all residential property owners….”  These goals are achieved by, among other efforts, the appearance of the speakers chosen for the membership meetings, meeting with elected officials by your Board members on issues of concern to Holliswood property owners, and the engagement of our security patrol.