FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Our President Linda Valentino was not at the meeting.  Bob Block chaired the meeting as the acting president.

Our speaker for the evening was Captain Grover from the 107th police precinct. The detective Tommy Motta was also present.  Captain Grover gave us an overview of police activity in our area.  He said that the 107th precinct was the safest in the city.  There has been a 10% reduction in crime.  He told us that there has been a rise in grand larceny where criminals can access ATM machines with a portable camera to steal pin numbers from users when they withdraw money from the machines.  They make blank cards and use the pin numbers to withdraw funds.  We have to be careful when we use the ATM by covering the pin number when you use the machine. Captain Grover also warned us of scams for soliciting money on the internet.  Do not respond to any emails that asks for money usually from a foreign country.

Captain Grover also said that catalytic convertors have been stolen from cars parked in the street or driveways.  You can have an ID number etched on to the convertor in case of theft.  Do not leave valuables and GPS devices in your car.  Make sure you lock your car especially at night.  Best to put your car in the garage. 

Captain Grover addressed the situation that occurred a few months ago when a car dealership on Hillside Avenue had someone parked in a driveway on Santiago Street taking pictures of the neighborhood.  Linda wrote a letter to the dealer requesting an explanation.  Captain Grover was alerted about this and visited the dealership.  He was told that they were merely using the photos as a marketing tool and they will cease from taking photos.  Kurt Hoppe asked if something could be done about the busses that idle while waiting to pick up students from the Yeshiva school on Palo Alto Street.  He said he will talk to the Department of Transportation.

After the Captain and his team left.  Bob spoke about having a Green Market organized by GrowNYC in Cunningham Park.  We all thought it was a good idea.  Bob gave us an update about the future of the T-Building in Flushing.  Nothing has been decided as of now.  Also, about membership, Michael reported and updated the current membership status.  We have to discuss what we can do to get residents to join the Civic Association. 

It was an informative meeting and refreshments were served.