This was our first meeting at Young Israel.  When our members become more acquainted with our new meeting location, we hope to see an even greater attendance.

Linda spoke about the process going forth regarding the sale of the Holliswood Hospital.  It is zoned R1-2 which is only applicable for single family homes.  There are exceptions for schools, healthcare facilities and houses of worship. Linda called the management company regarding any further information for the sale.  As of now, no decision has been made, however we will keep the community updated when a decision has been finalized. Councilman Mark Weprin and Community Board 8 are monitoring the situation.

We spoke about the necessity of eliminating the Security Patrol, We had no choice in the matter as we were unable to sustain this service because of the lack of involvement by many residents.

We asked residents to report any unkempt property in Holliswood to Marie Adam-Ovide, Distric Manager at Community Board 8 at (718) 264-7895.  Get addresses and if you can see if work permits are current where construction is being done.

The Police Department will issue a summons to any house that has commercial vans parked illegally on the driveway or in the street.

Call the Community Relations Board at St. John’s University if you suspect any houses being used as a multiple dwelling and/or if the home is causing a disturbance of any kind in the neighborhood.