Minutes from General Meeting dated February 21, 2013

Council Member Mark Weprin was our speaker at the meeting.

1) A meeting of Participatory Budgeting Project Presentations will be held on  February 28th to decide how to spend $1 million in capital funding that will be allocated for capitol developments for our District.  Anyone 16 years and over and living in District 23 is eligible to vote for projects that will improve our quality of life and needed for our District.  The project proposals will be put to a public vote during the first week of April, at hours and locations to be announced.  For more information about how PB works, visit: http://pbnyc.org/.

2) Mr. Weprin spoke about problems which resulted from Sandy storm with Con Edison and what is being done at the City Council to make Con Edison improve their response to emergencies. 

3) He told us about the situation in our schools regarding test scores and how teachers are mainly preparing students for the standardized tests, rather than teaching from the curriculum. 

4) Mr. Weprin addressed his concerns about the proposed T-Building in Flushing on the campus of Queens Hospital was discussed.  It will be a facility for the homeless and substance abuse patients.  Residents are free to walk through the neighborhood where three public schools are located.  There will be no security personnel at the site.  Although this building is not in Mr. Weprin’s District, he was informative as to what steps the Civic Associations can take to voice our concerns. 

Before Mr. Weprin spoke,

a) Linda, the President of our Civic Association told us about an incident that occurred on Keno Avenue about a stalker and a young girl who was going home from school.  Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and the man in the car fled.  More information about this incident is posted on our website.

b) Michael Howley, one of our civic members who went for testing with Lifeline suggested that the Association might want to make this available to our residents in conjunction with the Holliswood Hospital as a health prevention method to help residents who are interested in mornitoring their physical condition.

After the meeting, refreshments were served.