Holliswood Civic Association Holiday Party – December 12, 2013

Our guest speaker for the evening was Jon Klar, who is the Recycling Outreach coordinator in the office of Recycling Outreach & Education.

Mr. Klar presented a demonstration of items that are recycled every day by residents in the city.  Some items were both paper and plastic,  This could be a problem as to which recycling bin they belong.  Mr. Klar explained it with a show of different items he brought.  Most of our trash goes to the land fill at Great Kills in Staten Island.  Forty percent of trash is recycled, eighteen percent food waste and six percent clothing and textiles. Broken glass should be put in a plastic bag and thrown out with the regular trash.

After the demonstration Mr. Klar spoke about the possibility of having a Farmers Market this year in Cunningham Park.  Our Civic Association will follow up on this proposal with Communty Board 8 and any county officials to get further information regarding this event. 

Mr. Klar also spoke about having a Shop & Swap event.  This is a project that is geared towards residents who have items in their homes that they would like to sell or exchange, such as clothing, housewares, electronics, etc.  

Mr. Klar told us about Greenmarkets all over the five boroughs that have clothing drop-off tents where residents can go for recycling clothing and other textiles. For information as to where these locations are, check the website

We could see how dedicated Mr. Klar was in giving us information on this subject.

This is a program that is important for our city.  We should all do our part in making our city Green.  After Mr. Klar answered questions from the audience, refreshments were served and door prizes were presented.

Our Holiday Party was a success.