As per the photos below, the installation of a construction fence around the property lines at the Hospital was completed on August 17th.  It is a result from our efforts in negotiating with the owner Mr. Cheung to erect a fence for security purposes.  So far, Mr. Cheung’s applications at the Department of Buildings are in a process of being reviewed.  Nothing has been approved yet.

The Description of work on the fence Permit reads:

Alternation type 3 – construction equipment – fence based on the elected officials and community members’ request, for safety reason and security reason due to constantly trespassing onto the property, install 8’ high construction fence along the perimeters of the entire property.  No change to use, occupancy or egress. (review is requested under Building Code: 2014).

The security provision was terminated by the owner when the fence installation was in progress starting August 14th.   Please send us your observations when occur at the Hospital.  We will continue monitoring the situation at the Hospital and will send you update when available.




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