If you wish not be bothered by real estate brokers seeking your permission to sell you home, it is imperative that you send any and all brochures, circulars, postcards, business cards or any other forms of solicitation to Holliswood Civic Association.  You can drop these off at the Valentino home, 198-12 Romeo Court.  Make sure that your address is printed on the solicitation.  These will then be used by Senator Tony Avella to include Holliswood on the Cease and Desist program.  This program is administered by the State prevents real estate brokers from bothering homeowners who have registered under the Cease and Desist program.  It is important to show that we have many solicitations proliferating the neighborhood.

Currently, we are not protected by this program and thus we must establish that Holliswood is the target of persuasive and annoying attempts by real estate brokers to induce owners to sell.

For your convenience, you can drop this forms off at the Valentino home, 198-12 Romeo Court.

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